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International Symposium on Industrial Organization: Theory and Policy    


13-14 Oct 2023, Shenyang (2023年10月1314日,沈阳  

Faculty of Economics, Sun Wah International Business School (SWIBS) Liaoning University (LNU)  


Conference Program会议议程  

VenueLiaoning University Puhe Campus, Office Building 317  


Day One, 13 October (Friday)  

8:20-8:30 Registration  

8:30-8:50 Opening Ceremony chaired by Jianpei Li (UIBE and Dean of SWIBS)  

Welcome Remarks & Keynote: New Development Concept of Chinese Economy 中国经济新发展理念   

Miaojie Yu (President of Liaoning University)  

8:50-9:00 Group Photo  

Session I: 9:00-10:20Advances in IO Theory, chaired by Xiaohui Wang (LNU)  

9:00-9:40 Keynote: Competing Teams in Large Markets  

Hideo Konishi (Boston College)  

9:40-10:20 Keynote: Job Matching under Interventions  

Ning Sun (Southern University of Science and Technology)  

10:20-10:40 Tea Break  

Session II: 10:40-12:10 Advances in IO Theory, chaired by Jinyong Jeong(LNU)  

10:40-11:10 Online Relational Contract and Offline Investment  

Zhuoran Lu (Fudan University)  

11:10-11:40 Joint Design of Team Production Technology and Performance Pay  

Lester Chan (Xiamen University)  

11:40-12:10 Stability in Multilateral Matching Markets  

Ken C. Ho (LNU)  

12:10-13:40 Lunch at the 2nd Floor, Hanyue Hotel 午餐:涵月宾馆二楼  

Session III:IO Theory and Empirics, chaired by Weiguang Wang (LNU)  

13:40-14:10 Digital Transformation, ESG ratings and Online Positive Sentiment: The Moderating Effect of Executives’ Overseas Background  

Hua Zhang (LNU)  

14:10-14:40 Has the Shortened Drug Distribution Chain Cut Drug Prices? Evidence from the Implementation of Two-Invoice System in China  

Jianye Yan (China Agricultural University)  

14:40-15:10 Consumer Search and Vertical Differentiation  

Lijun Pan (Nanjing University)  

15:10-15:40 Optimal Contracting with Social Norm  

Dawen Meng (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics)  

15:40-16:00 Tea Break  

Session IV: 16:00-17:30Panel Discussion: Digital Economy and Industrial Policy政策讨论专场 数字经济与产业政策  

Chaired by主持人:Ming Gao (LNU)  

Panelists讨论嘉宾 Yongmin Chen (University of Colorado, Boulder), Ping Lin (Shandong University), Wenge Liu (LNU), Di Xie (LNU)  

18:00-20:30 Conference Dinner 会议晚餐  

Day Two, 14 October (Saturday)  

Session V: 8:30-10:20Advances in IO Theory and Policy, chaired by Wenge Liu (LNU)  

8:30-9:10 Keynote: Keynote: Assigning Default Position for Digital Goods: Competition and Welfare  

Yongmin Chen (University of Colorado, Boulder)  

9:10-9:50 Keynote: Killer Acquisitions: Competition Test and Remedies  

Ping Lin (Shandong University)  

9:50-10:20 Keynote: Digital Economy: Stylized Facts, Policy and Industrial Organization 数字经济的规律、政策及产业组织问题  

Jietang Tian (Development Research Center of the State Council)  

10:20-10:40 Tea Break  

Session VI: 10:40-12:10Digital Economy, chaired by Shengqiang Zhang (LNU)  

10:40-11:10 Cross-industry Acquisition by Digital Platforms  

Sunny Huang (The Hongkong University of Science & Technology)  

11:10-11:40 Multidimensional Personalized Pricing and Market Competition  

Zenan Wu (Peking University)  

11:40-12:10 Digital Technology in Supply Chain: Mechanism and Consequence  

Qiang Gong (Zhongnan University of Economics and Law)  

12:10-12:20 Closing ceremony by Jianpei Li (UIBE and Dean of SWIBS)  

12:20-13:30 Lunch at the 2nd Floor of Hanyue Hotel (午餐:涵月宾馆二楼)  

End of the program  

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